Vaster Service

Vaster is a mobile application that delivers instant access to information while creating invaluable connections for personal and professional users worldwide. Vaster is also the only app that allows you to map your expertise to a monetized service.

Vaster is a collaborative and messaging platform that helps both travelers and travel advisors to get in touch as a live collaboration session.

Vaster revolutionizes travelers’ experience by providing access to travel advisors and travel experts all around the globe, at any given time, at any given place. As a traveler you can find the answers to your questions right away during your travel.

Vaster’s innovative platform offers real-time access to a global network of experts on thousands of topics. Experts help travelers and tourists navigate subway systems, translate menus, locate the best hotels, and understand local customs. While at home, Vaster can help with legal, accounting or business advice.

The possibilities are endless. Vaster can be used for all aspects of your travel. The followings are only a few examples of such aspects:

  • Travel advisors helping travelers and tourists to navigate through public transportation system such as bus and subway
  • Vaster assists travelers in translating foreign language menus and signs to their mother tongue
  • Vaster helps travelers to locate and match best hotels and restaurants according to their specific needs
  • Vaster helps travelers to understand local and cultural custom
  • In addition to above services, Vaster can be also used to find information about public safety and Police stations nearby and how to handle an emergency situation, what number to call and locations of hospitals, as well as assisting travelers with translation and interpretation.

When you need an immediate solution, Vaster saves time by making data instantly available. Surfing the Internet, reading through pages of information, and using other services, which can take hours, or even days to deliver, is no longer required. Users will also enjoy instant messaging, audio video calls and video chat for free.

It’s easy to get started. Simply type the key words associated with your topic in any language of your choice. Then browse through thousands of Vaster expert profiles to find your resource.

We not only guarantee that you will find your answer, but that all information is securely encrypted. Each user has a uniquely defined key which encrypts all messages on the Vaster network.

Access to our experts is reliable and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Vaster users can also become experts. We are the only communications platform that gives you the opportunity to monetize your expertise. Learn more in our Become an Expert section.



Each user has a uniquely defined key,which encrypts all messages on the Vaster network.Send/receive IM, Video and any other file attachments securely


Real-time access to experts to solve your queries based on key word searches


Cloud based 24/7 service that’s fast and always reliable

Fast and reliable

Relying on the latest technologies,such as seamless transfer and reliable network delivery,Vaster is a fast and dependable platform


Vaster features will continue to be added over time as we collect and incorporate feedback from users


Seamlessly works on all of your devices


Share your comments and conversations on your social network of choice

Advertisement Free

No frustrating banner or pop up ads


Express yourself with a large selection sound-enabled emoticons

Chat History

Easily export all past conversations for future reference for both experts and other Vaster users

Contact Lists

Vaster cross references your contact list so you can find out who else is using Vaster and enjoy free services together


Vaster was designed so that you can chat in any language of preference

What Can I Do with Vaster?

Connect with your friends in a secure way

Customize your experience using custom built schemas

Express more and reach a higher level of non-verbal communication with sound enabled emoticons

Send/Receive IM, Video, File and any other attachment securely

Create topics , ideas, projects and invite your friends to get involved!

Create group meetings and let everyone collaborate

Share your comments /conversations  via social media


Current Wi-Fi networks and infrastructures are prone to major security vulnerabilities. Vaster ensures that each customer's private conversations remain that way. In fact, our engineering team does not know the key which encrypts the data - you define it.


How it Works

It’s easy to get started. Simply download the app for Android or iOS, create your profile and start connecting with your contacts in the Vaster network. Vaster cross references your contact list so that you can enjoy Vaster’s free services together.

Enter key words associated with your topic to find your expert. Vaster automatically provides contacts that are close to your location. You can then sort the available experts by location, rank and price point.

You Decide

There are 3 simple steps to verify the expert you are contacting:

1. Unlimited free text messages

2. Review the expert’s rank and satisfaction ratings

3. A free, one-minute call

If you need to verify your expert beyond the free minute, Vaster credits (which can be purchased in advance) are used towards the pay rate outlined in the expert’s profile.

Use QR-code scanner on your phone to download Vaster on your android.

Become an Expert

Your Time is Money

Vaster is a convenient and profitable communications platform that provides instant returns. As a Vaster expert, you will be compensated for providing real-time access to your existing services

Your knowledge and time equals money. Anyone that specializes in a specific industry, from travel and tourism, to finance and information technology, can offer information as a paid service.

The opportunities for professional advice are unlimited. Travel agents can provide users with detailed information that is not widely accessible or would take countless hours to find. Users can be directed to the quietest beaches, best hotels, romantic hideaways and the most sought after site-seeing adventures.

When Vaster users visit foreign cities, tour guides can advise them about local museums, festivals, sports events and seasonal activities. They can further help with reservations so there is no need to wait in line to enter popular attractions.

It’s easy to join. Once you have downloaded the app you can monetize your experience by helping people around the world, on a schedule that is defined by you.

Select the Vaster expert profile section within the application and fill in the required fields. This includes contact information, areas of expertise and years spent within in your profession. Experts who provide the most detail are more likely to be selected by Vaster users.

Next, define your preferred rate. Experts can charge their desired rate by the minute, giving users the ability to ask questions as they go.

You also control when your services are available. Every expert has the potential to define the days and specific times they are accessible to other Vaster users. You can be available to the network as much or as little as possible.

Once you have completed the profile section you are ready to begin making money by offering your services. Start monetizing your knowledge today!

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