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Don’t be fooled. Fake reviews are neither easy to spot, nor a small problem. Amazon has repeatedly taken to the courts in an attempt to stop fake reviewers. However the problem is widespread to the point a website called has produced what they call a review analyzer to help in combating the problem.

CBC Marketplace ran an investigation of the problem last year, and proved that it’s not just bot created reviews that aggravate the problem, but real people are also getting paid real money to create fake reviews. In a recent update to their story recently, the CBC suggested the problem has advanced to utilizing advanced techniques including artificial intelligence. The solution proposed by the CBC? Get in touch with the reviewers.

We at Vaster have long held that connecting with real people is not only the solution to fake reviews, it also combats issues like reviews running stale or getting out of date. Add to that the fact that a review represents a single static view with no chance to ask more detailed question and you’ll see why we too believe real-time communication with locals is a far better solution.