Vaster Event Platform



Large events and conferences have similar needs when it comes to accommodating a significant number of people.

Event websites are a starting point, but when you are serving information to multiple groups including some or all of: visitors, participants, sponsors, presenters, booth operators, volunteers and staff it is impossible to compose and list every answer to every possible question. Adding in the complication of multiple languages, multiple venues and a dynamic environment only makes the challenge that much tougher. So how do you best assist all these people?

  • In-person assistance works, but it can be a big challenge to distribute these resources effectively
  • Chat is a great way to support these gaps in customer service, but the challenge is matching a distributed support network with a variety of different inquiries


Multiply your responsiveness
Vaster connects your visitors with your staff or volunteers all over their mobile devices.
Visitors can seek answers from anywhere, and be responded to from anywhere. Remove physical limitations from your visitor support and allow one person to answer five to ten times what they could before Vaster.

Deliver Information one-to-one or large scale
For personalized service, Vaster can be used as a virtual communal helpdesk, or by allowing the recommendation engine to highlight specific staff or volunteers with the best qualifications to respond. Vaster is designed to match the request with the right person in real-time, significantly increasing the overall effectiveness of your support effort.

For group service, Vaster delivers channels and feed alerts to get visitors the information they need, when they need it. All customizable to meet your specific needs.

Know more than you ever have
Visitor Analytics – Know more about your visitors than ever before.
Feedback Analytics – Know more about their concerns and questions, even where the questions are being asked
Resources Analytics – Know more about your staff and volunteers.

The importance of Geolocation
Because Vaster is enabled with Geolocation technology, all the Visitor, Feedback and Human Resource Analytics are tagged and mappable.

Now it’s possible to cross-reference questions with where they were asked, know where and when your volunteers came on site, or even who is at an event venue right now.

Speak their Language
Use the capabilities of your staff and volunteers to communicate in the required language. Vaster’s platform includes multi-language support both in-app, and in the matching engine to maximize delivery of information in the right language.

Flexible Implementation
Vaster has 3 implementation options:

Payment Needed
If desired, payment can be enabled in app for services with built in eCommerce functionality

Communication Options for All Cases
The Vaster Mobile application is built to support a wide variety of large scale communications delivery including:

  • Content or News Feeds
  • One-to-one Text Chat/Voice & Video Calls
  • Private and Public Channels (one-way messaging)
  • Group Chat
  • Audio/Image/Video Clip/File Distribution
  • and more…


  • Know the customer’s campaign source
  • Know if they were at an event venue or not when they signed up
  • You can provide custom messaging to them based on channel
  • You can provide custom messaging to them when they come to or leave an event venue
  • You can automatically add them to a private or public channel
  • You can stream their questions to dedicated customer service representatives
  • You can automatically send them a note, image, voice or video clip

Looking to use Vaster as your Event app at your next event?