Vaster Launches Beta in Toronto, Canadian Millennials have a new way to earn money and get experience

Based on the recently published Census results, Canada now has over 12 Million Millennials. This is the single largest generation in Canadian history, and an even larger fraction of the population as compared to our US counterparts. Millennials have received a reputation for working and playing differently than previous generations, and deservedly so. Having been exposed for their entire lives to a world that is always connected and accessible they have embraced online services without hesitation and lead the way in personal content generation.

It’s no surprise then that a number of services based on connecting people with user generated content, user delivered services, or just connecting people to other people have become mainstream businesses because they appeal to the millennial generation.
Vaster is a new mobile service and aims to help millennials break into the hospitality and tourism industry by creating a channel for connecting to travelers. With the ability to chat, or call with advice on the city they live in, millennials can step into the industry and provide advice even with just a few minutes a day. Building relationships with travelers, and even an option to charge for calls means millennials can benefit too, generating experience as well as some extra cash. Vaster is available for download on Android.